Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brazil Officially Official

UPDATE: Curt Cavin reports that "Somebody did a false posting" of the Brazil story on Indycar.com. But I'm not buying it. The story was dated October 31, 2009 and written by Dave Lewandowski, writer of many Indycar.com stories. I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like the story is accurate, just posted to early, time will tell.


After Months of speculation, the Indycar Series season opener in Brazil has finally been confirmed. For the first time, the Indycar Series will head south for a 9 turn 2.3 mile circuit through the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

TV Bandeirantes, owner of 102 TV affiliates throughout Brazil and broadcast rights owner to the IRL will promote the March 14th race.

"The scenery is the best ever, I think, for an IndyCar event. The key was to design something that would take in all the beauty of Rio and portray it to the viewer while building a safe racetrack where there are good overtaking areas. I feel we've achieved that and it definitely will be one of a kind.

The city of Rio de Janeiro really gave us a blank canvas to design the course. The course offers a very smooth surface and it will be a very fast track with three very good passing zones. We really can't thank the city and organizers for their efforts to make this a one of a kind race setting." -Tony Cotman

"While our primary focus continues to be building the sport of IndyCar Series domestically, the race in Brazil affords us a unique opportunity to visit a country that has a huge passion for open-wheel racing. With strong support from our major partner Apex-Brasil, a significant television package from TV Bandeirantes, a large number of drivers from the country and the opportunity for a unique course, it makes sense from both a business and competition standpoint." -Terry Angstadt


Thank you God. To Robin Miller and all the rest of the people who doubted this would happen and still think CART exists: Guess you were wrong on this one

Now lets just hope no one gets killed while there. Rio does like to kill their tourists you know.

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