Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As Of Now....

As of now the car count for the 2010 Indycar Series season looks to be very similar to '09. So far 9 teams have been confirmed, another 3 highly likely, and 4 more that will probably happen. Of the 10 possible, I see 4 happening with a possability of a few more, putting the car count somewhere between 20-24.

Confirmed (9)

  • T. Kanaan - Andretti
  • R. Briscoe - Penske
  • H. Castroneves - Penske
  • S. Dixon - Ganassi
  • D. Franchitti - Ganassi
  • V. Meira - Foyt
  • R. Doornbos - HVM
  • R. Matos - LD
  • D. Wheldon - Panther

Highly Probable (3)

  • M. Andretti - Andretti
  • D. Patrick - Andretti
  • G. Rahal - NHL
Probable (4)
  • W. Power - Penske
  • M. Conway - D&R
  • M. Moraes - KV
  • J. Wilson - Coyne
Possibile (10)
  • H. Mutoh - Andretti
  • ?. ????? - de Ferran
  • ?. ????? - de Ferran
  • A. Tagliani - FAZZT
  • T. Scheckter/M. Duno - D&R
  • ?. ????? -3G
  • E. Carpenter - Vision
  • J. Edwards - NWR
  • ?. ????? - HVM
  • ?. ????? - NHL
Long Shot (2)
  • N. Philippe/?.????? - Conquest
  • ?. ????? - RLR
Part Time (2)
  • S. Fisher - SFR
  • J. Howard - SFR

Looking For Ride

  • A. Lloyd
  • O. Servia
  • P. Tracy
  • Ryan Hunter-Reay
  • J. Hildebrand
  • T. Sato
  • Many More...


Isn't Tagliani and FAZZT already sure to be in Indycar next year?

I hope to see Hildebrand next year in Indycar, and I'm very excited about the possibility to see a very young talent like Edwards...

What about NHL and McDonald's? Are they partner yet? Will they be partner in 2010?

I'm italian...are there some possibility to see an italian driver in Indycar next year? In Italy last winter there was some rumors about oppurtunities for Giorgio Pantano to be in the States in the 2009 or 2010? Are this rumors true?

Tagliani and FAZZT say they'll be full-time, and there Indy shops are coming along great, but I'm just not ready to confirm the team just yet. But I think it'll happen.

I hope Hildebrand gets a ride as well, but if he doesn't have sponsorship it'll be tough. It looks like Edwards will land where ever Wachs go's. Could be Indycar, could be somwhere else. But if it is the IRL, it'll probably be a joint effort with a current team (NHL,RL,HVM).

Although not confirmed, it looks like McDonalds will not return to NHL, leaving them in a bit of a bind. But I think Graham will return for a 3rd season with the team, with or without sponsorship.

Pantano could find a ride, but unless he has sponsorship, I wouldn't count on it.

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Gil de Ferran particped of program TV in Brazil in last week.

deFerran Motorsports is possible contract Simon Pagenaud and Takuma Sato.

KV Racing continuos with Mario Moraes and many $$$$ of your grandfather Antonio Erminio de Moraes, one more $$$$ of Brazil.

Some "calculated" guesses for some of those ? you posted...

-Scheckter full-time with D&R and Mona-Vie.

-Hildebrand full-time with KV (teammate to Moraes). League "makes sure" their Indy Lights champion is in a ride. KV's march towards the #3 team in the league continues.

-Conway does not return to D&R. Nelson Piquet Jr is hired in the #24 car.

-Hunter-Reay replaces Viso at HVM. Changes number to #31.

-Lloyd and Her Energy go full-time to Newman-Haas-Lanigan as teammate to Rahal. Servia could run a 3rd NHL car at Indy, if funding is found.

-Edwards and Newman-Wachs do a deal with Rahal/Letterman to run full-time. Indy Car then gets the Lights and Atlantics Champions battling in 2010 (and both happen to be young American drivers).

-Tracy does a similar deal in 2010 as 2009, running selected races for KV and sponsored by Geico. KV runs 3 cars at selected races (Moraes, Hildebrand and Tracy).

-Foyt IV and his newfound "Indianapolis Colts Connections" land him in selected races for his grandfather's team in a 2nd car.

-Jaques Lazier announces plans to form a team, starting at the Indy 500. Jaques will be a co-owner and the driver. A former Indy Car owner could be involved as one of the co-owners.

-James Hinchcliffe signs to drive the #98 for 3G for the full-season.

-Carpenter only runs the ovals in 2010 for Vision. Robby Gordon runs the Indy 500 for Vision (and John Menard).

-DeFerren's team doesn't get off the ground for a full-season run in 2010. They enter the Indy 500 though, with either Takuma Sato or Bruno Junquiera.

-Nelson Phillipe runs selected races for Conquest and "I Drive Green" sponsorship.

I think that some of this guesses are possible, others are fantasies:

- The conjectures about Scheckter, Hildebrand, Hunter-Reay, Lloyd, Edwards, Tracy, Philippe are really possibile, in my opinion;

- I hope to see Carpenter for he entire season...but actually his performance on the road/street races are too bad;

- I think that De Ferran will run at least one car for the entire season;

- Sincerely I don't know about Lazier and Foyt and their own programs;

- I doubt that we'll see Piquet jr next year...I think that he has made a too bad reputation and he will have to wait a little bit of time to rebuild his career.

Anonymous, you make a lot of great points, but there are a few I don't see happening:

Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Conway will be back with D&R.

I just don't see Foyt IV finding sponsorship. Unfortunetly I think Quatro will be an Indy only driver for the remainder of his career.

I really don't see the Jaques Lazier team panning out. I'd love to see it happen and Jaques is a great guy, but I don't see it. But it sounds like you could have some sources.

I've heard Hinch at 3G, but I think he's got a better shot with a 2nd car with FAZZT at select races. I know 3G really liked Antinucci last year, they think he's got a ton of tallent.

I also don't see the de Ferran's team running the full season, if anything just Indy and possably Brazil. He's said that he probably won't run just 1 car, 2 or nothing. But I hope he can get the full-season deal worked out.

Rumor has it that Conquest let everyone go and is no more unless some big money falls into Bachelart's lap. And supposedly the reason they closed up is because Nelson never paid up.

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