Thursday, September 17, 2009

Q&A With Robert Doornbos

16th And Georgetown: With 2 races left your just 17 points behind Raphael Matos in the chase for Rookie of the Year. What would it mean to you to become 2010 Indycar Series ROY?

Robert Doornbos: To be honest I’ve had such a bad season on and off track that winning the rookie title would definitely be a highlight from the season for me and it is something that still motivates me going to Motegi and Miami. But I need to have a faster car to be able and challenge Matos at the moment. So hopefully the car will be better and have a good fight and fun in Japan and Miami

16th And Georgetown: You've raced many formulas in your career, where does the Indycar Series rank?

Robert Doornbos: It’s definitely up there with the best. Of course, racing in F1 was a dream come true and I’m sure many drivers in IndyCar can agree with me, but IndyCar is the best thing outside F1 and it’s very competitive with great teams and drivers.

16th And Georgetown: With the mid-season move to HVM, you signed a deal to drive through 2010. Has your Rookie year been what you expected and what are your goals for next season?

Robert Doornbos: No, I’m not happy with my rookie season because the results haven’t been there, and it’s never good to do a mid-season swap of teams. But for me it was necessary because at NHLR I had too many problems and did not enjoy my working relationship in the team. I know HVM couldn’t give me a winning car straight away, but we have had success together in ChampCar in 2007, fighting for the championship and winning races. I look forward to finishing the season as best as we can do with the car we have and have a very strong winter development program and to come back strong next year and have Bobby D up front fighting for success!

16th And Georgetown: Being an IndyCar rookie, your receiving coaching from fellow Dutchman Arie Luyendyk. How has it been working with a 2 time Indy 500 Champion?

Robert Doornbos: Arie is a legend in the USA and winning Indy two times is very special! He helps me on and off the track with great advice about the skill of oval racing which is something completely different than I’m used to in Europe. Hopefully one day I can challenge his record at Indy but I’ll be happy with one win also…

16th And Georgetown: According to your bio, your first love was Tennis and you competed at a semi-pro level. If you wouldn't of made the switch to motorsports, how far could you of made it as a tennis player?

Robert Doornbos: I’ll never know but I don’t think I would have won Wimbledon or the US Open…. I have a much bigger hunger from the beginning when I started racing cars than I did playing tennis and that was the sign for me to focus on my career racing cars.


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