Monday, September 28, 2009

Foyt On Wind Tunnel

It's been said that Wind Tunnel host Dave Despain has been trying to get A.J. Foyt on for years, but he's always declined. Some say A.J.'s "ticked" at Despain, but Dave doesn't know why and others say A.J. is confused and thinks Despain is someone else. Finally Big Tex has agreed to appear on the SPEEDtv talk show, just withouth Dave.

Miller and Foyt will discuss the 'good ol days' while showing vintage footage of highlights from Foyt's record-setting career. Foyt will be in his raceshop in Texas while Miller will be hosting from the Wind Tunnel studio in North Carolina so Miller will be free to ask any question without fear of getting throttled by Foyt...immediately. -A.J. Foyt Enterprises
This Sunday the normally stock car oriented show will be hosted by Open Wheel minded Robin Miller. The show can be seen LIVE Sunday night at 9 est. on SPEEDtv.


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