Wednesday, August 5, 2009

REPORT: Moraes Out For Mid-Ohio

UPDATE 8:04pm: There are now reports that Moraes' dad has lost his battle with cancer...

According to brazilion news, KV Racing driver Mario Moraes will be absent from the starting lineup of this weekends Mid-Ohio GP.

Moraes will miss the race do to "family problems". If you fallow Mario on twitter, then you probably know that his father has been having health problems over the last few months, so I assume this has something to do with it.

KV has yet to announce a replacement to pilot the #5 Dallara, but if I were Paul Tracy I'd stay close to my cell.

Thanks to Jackson Lopes for the heads up


Could we PLEASE get over the Paul Tracy love affair. TOWNSEND BELL finished 4TH for Kv at Indy, and where did Paul finish? Townsend Bell should be in the car this weekend, and would do an excellent job.

I completely agree...

Read the comments from 2 posts ago. I included him in on the possible drivers for the #06.

But, Paul is the obvious choice. He's buddy's with Vasser, and he's driven for KV in multiple races this year,

You won't find a bigger T. Bell fan out there then myself.

MAybe the series should think about the fact that TALENT of the driver might having something to do with the lack of passing and excitement.

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