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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indycar Series Closing In On Tittle Sponsor

According to the Indiana Buisness Journal, the Indycar Series is finally closing in on a tittle sponsor.

"We are talking to a company that is in the third stage of consideration. We’re darn close to being able to get that [title sponsor deal] done. The company we’re talking to is a big consumer brand, and it would be very good for the series.” -Terry Angstadt

All of this comes just a couple weeks after SpeedTV's Robin Miller reported that the IRL has turned down tittle sponsorship offers from Menards. Miller said that Menards was offering much less than the 8-12 million that the IRL has reportedly been requesting.

“It’s certainly a challenging time, but there are opportunities in challenging times. Ask my boss about that. He’s out there buying car companies.” -Tim Cindric

UPDATE: Check out JP's blog for a specific company that could be interested.


It's pretty easy to connect the dots on the who if you have been following the subplots in the schedule gossip. I comment on how this has effected this year's schedule on my page. If they get the name on the dotted line - BIG win for the league to accompany the Apex Brasil Deal...

JP, you certainly connected the dots better than I would have -- I was too busy being peeved about the complete lack of a mile oval on the schedule to even think about that. Gillette has a pretty big sponsorship program in NASCAR already, but it's an individual sponsorship and I don't think it applies to NASCAR proper. The crossover opportunities for a race in Foxborough would be great too...Tom Brady in the two-seater and all that jazz.

Now if they could just lay out an oval in the parking lot there, that would be great...

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