Thursday, August 27, 2009

2010 Brazil Race In Question

UPDATE 8-30-09: Jeff Olson is reporting that the race will go on and that it will be held in Salvador, Brazil, home of Tony Kanaan

According to Robin Miller of Speed TV fame, the 2010 Brazil GP is very much in question. Miller says "Rio and Preto proved to be all talk and no money", he than go's on to say the chance of a race is "50/50" in his eyes.


Of course it is. Since we are following CART and Champ Car's same failed business models and most of the same fools, who helped kill the sport in this country, are still around, why should anyone be surprised?

Maybe Assen will give them some dough instead?

WTF do Mr/ Ms. Anonymous posts always almost contain mindless ramblings & little FACTS???

The old IRL 1996-2002 was dropping dead faster than CC eventually did. Where was your outrage in 2003 when the IRL adopted engine leasing, foreign venues, & RC's ... ALL while CCWS was stil in operation???

Having said that... the ICS needs to build up their home market before parading off to Brazil.

Yea, I agree. I've put a lot of thought into going the MyNameIsIRL route and shut down anonymous posts. But that means you have to have a blogger acount to comment...

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