Thursday, July 30, 2009

REPORT: Indycar Schedule Unveiled

According to Robin Miller:

  • Rio de Janeiro-Twisty
  • St. Petersburg-Twisty
  • Birmingham-Twisty
  • Long Beach-Twisty
  • Kansas-Oval
  • Indianapolis-Oval
  • Texas-Oval
  • Iowa-Oval
  • Watkins Glen-Twisty
  • Toronto-Twisty
  • Edmonton-Twisty
  • Mid Ohio-Twisty
  • Sonoma-Twisty
  • Chicago-Oval
  • Kentucky-Oval
  • Motegi-Oval
  • Homestead-Oval

With the loss of ovals Richmond and Milwaukee and the addition of Brazil and Birmingham, by my count, thats 9 road/street and 8 ovals.


I've always been more of a road/street person (must be my F1 passion), but I'd at least like to see a couple of more ovals in place of Edmonton or Sonoma - neither of which are that interesting tracks to be honest

For years I've wanted to see a close to even mix of twistys and ovals to enable this idea:

Have a "Crown" title for Road/Street champion (most points on R/S), one Crown for Ovals (most points on O), and an overall Crown for the Points Championship. Three different seasons within a season. If teams can only pony up $$ for either ovals or streets, then they are not just fodder for raceday. The thing would be to have 3 different "Crown" sponsors for the prize money (assumes a lesser cost to get in on the smaller crowns initially I'd assume), not just one big sponsor for everything.

Possibilities abound...

why not some dirt ovals? That would create a mix!

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