Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honda Flip Flops, Want's To Be Sole Engine Supplier

According to the always reliable Bruce Martin, it appears Honda may want to stay the Single engine supplier for the Indycar Series. Martin wrote this in his recent VERSUS article:

Sources within the IndyCar Series believe HPD has moved away from its stance of wanting a rival automaker to compete against and may see value remaining as a single-engine supplier to the series.
Supposedly both Audi and Volts Wagon are interested in supplying an engine for the next generation Indycar, but they don't seem to agree with Honda on the type of engine. Long story short, Honda wants to run the V-6 Turbo while Audi and VW want the 4 cylinder Turbo.

The next engine meeting is set for July 10th

“I do know that we are all focused on driving the costs of participation down. This is a very expensive engine; it was built for competition. As a sole supplier, you don’t need this kind of engine and the cost that is used to rebuild and maintain. I don’t think anyone is thinking of an equivalency formula at this stage. The final call on engine size has not been made yet but I think it would be next to impossible for us to run both an inline 4-cylinder and aV-6.” -Terrry Angstadt

“We need to know soon who is in and who is out and what kind of engine we will be using. I don’t think anyone believes an equivalency formula between an inline 4-cylinder and a V-6 would be ideal.” -Les Mactaggart, Senior Technical director for the IRL


They need to get another manufacturer to commit, and then lay down the law to Honda. No V6. Honda is the only one of the manufacturers that prefers a V6. The V6 will be more efficient at full power than the 4, and therefore more competitive on ovals, and more competitive at Indy. That will undermine the interest that the 4 cylinder formula has generated with other companies.

Frankly Honda's act is getting tired. No company, least of all one that's as conservative and risk averse as Honda should be allowed to think they own the series.

Honda wants to pull Acura out of the ALMS due to NO COMPETITION to send those Acura teams to the HONDA IndyCar Series????

WTF am I missing? Also I'm sure Honda can build a racing 4 after all they make a solid 4 with their high revving VTEC motor in street cars...

I suppose it's asking too much to let engine manufacturers run whatever, just limited to a maximum torque or HP. That's the sort of diversity of machinery that would help liven things up again.

if you can get 2 engine manufactures to commit besides Honda you could give Honda the change or your out deal and even if they do leave you are better off with 2 engine choices compared to 1. I think a change has to be made so that we have more diversity in chassis and engines otherwise you are missing out on a big part of what made American open wheel so exciting to start with

I'm sorry, I'm still laughing at "the always reliable Bruce Martin..."

Don't taze me, bro.


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