Monday, May 18, 2009

Tagliani Replacing Junqueira In #36

According to Wish-TV, Alex Tagliani will replace Bruno Junqueira in the #36 Conquest Dallara.

After walking the garages for 2 weeks, 02' pole sitter Bruno Junqueira got a phone call from Conquest giving him the vacant 36 seat. After running his first laps on Bump Day, he qualified safely into the 33 car field. But after Conquest regular Alex Tagliani failed to qualify for the greatest spectacle, the team decided to replace Bruno with Alex.

  • "I want to first of all say thank you to Bruno for being so understanding and to the team for taking this decision. We have been building this long-term relationship for a while now and I'm more than thrilled to be able to pursue that by taking part in my first Indy 500. Obviously, it would have been much sweeter if we would have had both cars in the show because Bruno and I had fast and identical cars. It's pretty much a fluke that I didn't make the field. We just got caught out.
  • You never want to second-guess yourself but if we had to redo things we probably would do it differently, but now that is in the past. At the end of the day, I'm just really happy right now to be realizing my dream of running in the Indy 500. The team has worked so hard all month and they deserve to be here." -Alex Tagliani
Does this remind anybody else of 92'?


Sorry, this just plain sucks ... It was stated very clearly by John Andretti before he went out and qualified ... (to paraphrase) one doesn't get to be in this race just because they have a history, one earns their way into the grid of 33 cars.

Little does nine year veteran John Andretti know how the game is played - TODAY!

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