Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ROP Day 1 Wrap-UP

It was great weather to start off the month of May, Sunny a slight breeze and 74 degrees.

A few notes:

  • Rahal Letterman will field a car, but driver is unknown probably Servia or Scheckter
  • Jaques Lazier says that he's close to a deal
  • Jeff Simmons says "it's gona be tough" referring to finding a ride
  • Foyt unlikely to field 3rd car
The two veterans of Paul Tracy and Scott Sharp led the 9 drivers that took to the track on Opening Day. After just 5 laps Paul Tracy, who is making his return to IMS after a 6 year hiatious, hit 220mph and ended the day with a high speed of 223.089.

  1. Paul Tracy223.089
  2. Scott Sharp 221.878
  3. Robert Doornbos 221.735
  4. Raphael Matos 218.613
  5. Alex Tagliani 218.333
  6. Mike Conway 217.063
  7. Nelson Philippe 214.786
  8. Alex Lloyd 213.032
  9. Stanton Barrett 207.522

Dario spent a great deal of time cruis'n the garages
Quatro was getting fitted into his seat, notice the through back helmetBobby D relaxing before ROPPT returning the IMS for the first time since 02'While HVM was working on his car, E.J. worked on his bikeRapha with his game face on before ROPAlex spent much of the day getting laughed at. Atleast he has a ride.Stanton working on his #98 Dallara


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