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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Indy 500 Entry List Updated

Confirmed (31)

  1. AGR Kanaan
  2. AGR Patrick
  3. AGR Andretti
  4. AGR Mutoh
  5. Penske Briscoe
  6. Penske Castroneves
  7. Penske Power
  8. TCG Dixon
  9. TCG Franchitti
  10. TCG/Schmidt Lloyd
  11. Foyt Meira
  12. Foyt Foyt IV
  13. Panther Wheldon
  14. Panther Sharp
  15. Vision Carpenter
  16. Vision Hunter-Reay
  17. NHL Rahal
  18. NHL Doornbos
  19. KV Moraes
  20. KV Tracy
  21. D&R Conway
  22. D&R Duno
  23. D&R Hamilton
  24. D&R/Petty Andretti
  25. HVM Viso
  26. HVM Philippe
  27. Fisher Fisher
  28. Coyne Wilson
  29. Conquest Tagliani
  30. 3G Barrett
  31. LD Matos
Probable (4)
  1. Roth Roth
  2. KV Bell
  3. RL Rice/Servia
  4. Hemelgarn Lazier
Possible (7)
  1. Fisher ???
  2. RL Rice/Servia
  3. Herta/Vision ???
  4. Coyne ???
  5. Conquest ???
  6. Foyt ???
  7. Roth ???
If you take the 31 confirmed, plus the 4 probable my calculator tells me that atleast 35 cars will be on track next month. If you would of told the IRL back in January that there would be 35 cars in May, I guarantee you they would of taken it.

Of the 7 possible I see up to 3 happening, with any combination of Foyt,RL,Roth,Coyne and Herta/Vision.


I think you will see more then just the teams you have mention show up in the month of may. I wouldnt be surprised if there were at least 40 car driver combos. After listening to the announcers blab away today on the online broadcast they made it sound like there were at least 3 to 4 teams out there like Bryan stewart racing and stars and stripes something. They also made them sound promising. Maybe there job is to just stir up rumors but it got me excited

I hope so, but I just don't see it.

I'll be happy if they can get 36-38

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