Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Graham & Marco Comment On USF1

Two of the rumored prospects for the newly formed USF1 team are currently behind the wheel of an Indycar, and they both have fathers that drove in Formula 1, and one has a grandfather that one the World Championship in 78'. Graham Rahal and Marco Andretti have been long rumored to be headed to F1, but the rumors began to dwindle after the blendification of American Open Wheel racing. That was until Ken Anderson and SPEEDS Peter Windsor decided to stir things up with the announcement that a U.S. F1 team would be coming in 2010. Over the last several days both Rahal and Andretti commented on there racing futures.

"You know, first thing is I haven't been in contact with them, I've heard nothing from them and it's a great opportunity if it comes together but lets all be honest it's one of those things that define a working budget that can be competitive in Formula 1 in this economy is going to be a pretty tough thing. It would be great to see for sure and I think when you look at it, it has to be American drivers, but at the same time, I think we need an American race really to make this successful because if your going to try and get American companies to sponsor the team, they are going to want to see a return not only around the world but here. So I think that's important but,as far as me taking it, it would be interesting. I've got a great opportunity at Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing and obviously being in the McDonald's car this year I think that's exciting for me, and more so for me, to see American Open Wheel Racing in the U.S. finally unified I think that that means more to me than Formula one, especially currently when we don't have a U.S. based race I think that that's pretty disappointing, but we'll see, we have to see what happens in the future. I'm never going to count anything out because you never know whats going to happen but it has to be the right opportunity and it has to be a good chance at being competitive because when you look at Formula 1, you know currently as it sits, if your not in the top couple of teams you don't have a chance at winning and ultimately to me as a driver that's not all that interesting" -Graham Rahal


"If it's right I'd be dieing to go do that, but it has to be right and with a first year team I'm not so sure that my career could afford it because I have to go over and I have to perform. But having said that I would do what ever it took if we think it's right, it has to be right because it's all about timing and your career can end over there before it even starts, so we'll see maybe after a year or two of that team it there still interested in me" -Marco Andretti


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