Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dario & E.J.'s Helmets Battle It Out

Stanton Barrett will be moving onto the next round to face Dan Wheldon after receiving 69% of the vote with the win over Ed Carpenter.


The next matchup is between:

E.J. Viso

Dario Franchitti

Alright, its 2:26 am here in Indy, and as of now E.J. is getting killed with just 7% of the vote, and I'm pretty sure that I am the only one that has given him a vote. Sure the floral design leaves a little to be desired, but check out how he has "Viso" on the helmet....

That got my vote right there!!

To my dissapointment, E.J. came up short (no pun intended) with just 19% of the vote. The 2007 Indy Champion will be moving on to face the winner of Stanton Barrett and Dan Wheldon


This is NOT the final/ updated EJ Viso helmet... I saw him wearing a version where the chrome was toned down & had yellow-orange tribal fade details, the #13 on top & sponsors like TREK bikes plastered on the side.

BTW... does every freakin' Indy driver wear an ARAI??? Bell has an updated design... even Sebastian Bourdais dropped his ARAI for a BELL Good enough for F1 then American BELL is good enough for US based IRL series drivers!!!

Damn! I went to Michigan State, & even I wouldn't want that much GREEN on my helmet. What's up EJ?

Seriously, Danica, Milka, or Sarah might want those floral patterns EJ! Like some of it, but Dario's is just more classic in its execution.

I predict a Scottish Landslide mate!

AZZ, That's a good point on choice of helmet designs.... The picture of E.J.'s helmet was taken at his "Official" Photo op this season in I believe Homestead

He must be experimenting with his helmet painter... the chrome seems to be GONE. Check out photo from 2.24.09 test:


yup, the helmet from the open test is much different from his Official photos, I'll post his full body shot in a sec.....

Its past 2:40AM here in MI & a group of us are wide wake & NOT drunk. We are getting everyone up to the computer to vote.

Two Scots who love anything Dario & many more loving his good choice of being married to Ashley Judd!. One designer who likes the creativity of EJ's helmet but can't vote for him (due to his crap '08 ontrack driving)

We also have two that have bought PATRON to toast Dario's success @ Sebring later today... Sorry EJ, its gonna be brutal dude!

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