Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Milka Duno To Sign With Newman Hass Lanigan, Seriously

Are you sitting down? If not than you should be, because Milka Duno is set to sign with Newman/Hass/Lanigan, yea you read it right. The story was reported a few days ago, but was finally "confirmed" by Robin Miller that Duno will be teaming up with Graham Rahal and Robert Doornbos. Brian Lisles, NHL team manager was quoted by Miller after he reportedly contacted the IRL to report that NHL would compete in 09' with 3 cars: "I can't tell you anything right now because we have no signatures or contracts signed but we're working on doing the best we can. We do hope to have some good news for ourselves and the series by the end of the week."

Dreyer & Reinbold was reportedly blindsided by the news "I don't know anything about that and, if it's true, I didn't see it coming, We've been talking with her a lot about this season and I'm kind of surprised she didn't let us know. But I guess that's her prerogative." said Dennis Reinbold.

Miller reports that D&R is still in talks with Townsend Bell as well as a few other for 09'

Although it comes as a jigormous surprise, It should be interesting to see how she does in a solid ride. Now I ask myself, is Marty Roth on Penskes radar for a 3rd car??


This has to be a mistake! OWR is never going to be taken seriously when the most talented drivers are left on the sidelines for muppets. Seriously, I would take Milka more seriously on Sesame Street than I would in the Indycar paddock. Everyone start buying lottery tickets... that's the only way we fans are going to see the deserving drivers get a ride.

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