Saturday, February 21, 2009

Justin Wilson To Test For Coyne At Homestead-Close To Deal For 09'

Robin Miller reports that Justin Wilson is set to test next week for Dale Coyne Racing and is close to a deal to run the entire 09' season, props to Indy Trackside for finding the article. The 10 ft. 9in. tall Wilson who was let go from NHL after a up and down season in 08', was 1 of only 2 "transition drivers" with a win in 2008.

"I haven't signed a contract yet and we're still working on some things but it's looking good" -Justin Wilson

"I am committed to make it happen because I've got unfinished business in this sport. Is Bruno out of the picture for 2009?, no, we're working on several things. He's been good for us and I think we were good for him and we want to run a second car if we can pull things together." -Dale Coyne

Miller also reports in the article that Junqueira drove in 07' and 08' with no pay.


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