Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doornbos Announcement To Come On Tuesday

UPDATE: Well...... it's way past Tuesday and still no announcement, Bobby D. claims on his site that the announcement can't be made because of "Organizational reasons"..What ever that means. But Doornbos says that he will be testing next week in Homestead.
After weeks of speculation and a report a few days ago saying that the announcement on Bobby D's future was going to be yesterday, it finally looks as though an announcement is set for Tuesday. This time the article comes strait from Doornbos' website:

  • "The future of Bobby D is bright. We are sorry that all Bobby D fans have to wait this long. But it is worthwhile.

    Next Tuesday 17 February, Bobby D's 2009 plans will be officially announced by his new team and via this website. Take care."

Thanks to Mike in the Hawkeye state for the heads up.


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